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Are you also inspired by the Vikings and their lifestyle just like us? Do you want to live like a real Viking? Then you are at the right place! Our objective is to build a bridge and fill the gap between the present and the past. We aim to bring back the relevant parts of the dominating Viking culture into the modern world by bringing their culture and traditions to life. One way to transport yourself to another time and place is by following their eating and drinking rituals. Vikings are known to use horns for drinking beers and ales. We offer you the opportunity to experience this by getting your hands at our amazing Viking gear collection for sale. Please browse through our online store to look at our excellent range of drinking horns, where every product is one-of-a-kind, uniquely designed, and crafted to fulfill all your needs.

About Horn Savvy

Horn Savvy is an authentic online store that offers genuine Viking Drinking horn collection. Our drinking horns are designed with great inspiration by the Viking Age. We deal in the finest quality handcrafted drinking horns with a reasonable price range. Additionally, our drinking horns are cleaned and preserved thoroughly and professionally so that they do not rot or smell and cause you any inconvenience. Our handmade Viking horns are created with extreme precision and craft using 100% natural materials. Explore through our online Viking store and get these beautiful Viking style drinking horns for yourself as well as for others to present them with this unique gift.

History of Drinking Horns

Humankind has lived off the land since ancient times and used to fulfill all their needs from nature. They have been fond of beverages and drinks even before they knew how to make cups or glasses. They needed a container to hold their alcohol and drinks and thus decided to fashion a vessel out of natural things that were accessible to them easily. This tradition of drinking horns came into existence thousands of years ago when people used to utilize each part of the animal that they hunted or nurtured. The earliest drinking horns are recorded from around the early 7th century. Initially, drinking horns were made from horns of a bovid. With the passage of time, people all across the world started to make them from various materials, such as wood, ceramics, glass, and even metal.

Viking Culture

One of the cultures that are often commonly linked with this tradition of drinking horns is the Viking age that extends from the 8th century to the mid of the 11th century. Viking horn mugs were essentially constructed of hunted or reared cattle horns, glass, or metal. They were also decorated with accessories and embellishments to look rich and luxurious. They used these horns for daily as well as for ceremonial purposes to enjoy their beer, ale, or milk. If you are an admirer of the Viking age and their brave lifestyle, then explore through our range of Blowing horn, Buffalo horn and Bull horn to get one for yourself!

Types of Horns

We offer an extensive range of Viking drinking horn collection for sale. Our drinking horns range from authentic and luxuriously decorated ones to those that are simply designed made from different materials and in different shapes. You can get many different types of drinking horns on our website, including authentic ox horns, ram horn, sheep horn, regular-sized, as well as huge yak horns.

Ethical Process

We guarantee that our process of bringing this beautiful collection to you is completely ethical and free of cruelty. At Horn Savvy, we are committed to provide you with legally and ethically obtained animal horns without inflicting any pain, injure, or harm any animals in any way. These animal horns are from the animals who have died a natural death due to accident, age, or any illness.

100% Customer Satisfaction

The topmost priority at Horn Savvy will always be the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We strive vigorously to deliver the best Viking products with excellent quality, dependable cleaning standards, and affordable prices. Our online store is quite easy-to-use for everyone, and you can order without any hassle and trouble. We go all-out to provide you with exceptional and all-natural products that we handpick ourselves. We guarantee real and authentic pieces to be delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Moreover, if you need any more answers or guidance, you can always seek assistance from our helpful team of customer support agents. We have a very friendly and easily accessible customer service to keep you satisfied and reply to all your inquiries quickly.
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