About Us

Horn Savvy, living up to its name, seeks to revive the tradition of the Vikings and provide the people with traditional horn accessories maintaining the authenticity of the products.

Living in the modern times with our fast paced lives, we tend to forget to connect to our past. The Viking culture was very rich with paying ode to nature and cherishing the gifts provided by nature.

We decided to pay our respect and revived the tradition of drinking horns, drinking mugs and blowing horns to pay tribute to the animals who throughout their lives provide for us in the form of meat, milk, hides or as transport.

Viking didn’t believe in letting anything go to waste and devised uses for every element of an animal. This is why we see drinking horns and blowing horns from different animals appearing throughout history. At Horn savvy, we strive to relive the traditions and give it a modern touch to make it usable and a part of our daily lives.

We at Horn Savvy pride in providing the finest quality with precision and perseverance. Therefore all our products are in their best forms. For us there are two priorities, preserving the traditions and ensuring that the customers get what they deserve. Therefore, the products are available in the most affordable price range.

Our Principle

At Horn Savvy, we believe in the highest forms of quality and at the same time preserve the beauty and integrity of nature.

The horns used for the drinking mugs and blowing horns are all procured from animals that have been slaughtered for their meat and skin. Some of the horns are from animals that have died their natural deaths.

Since, the whole idea behind is to commemorate the animals who provide us their services throughout their lifespan. The horns are extracted using humane methods and then boiled, scaled and cleaned to take the forms of mugs and other items.

Horns from different animals have different forms of layers, scaling and thickness. Therefore, the quantity of chemicals, and the temperature used for boiling is all dependent on the kind of animal the horn has been extracted from.

We believe in appreciating nature and this is why we never slaughter animal just for their horns or extract them from living animals. This is why our drinking mugs are free from any forms of cruelty.

Our Mission

To revive and relive the Viking era with fusion of the modern world.

Supporting our mission statement we have devised a beautiful strategy where we purchase horns from local cattle farmers to help them sustain and grow and at the same time make sure that nothing from the animal goes to waste.

We strive to connect with our centuries old traditions that spanned from the 7th century to the 11th century, also known as the viking age. We want to revive the culture in the most befitting way and allow people to experience the era in the authentic way possible.

Supporting the Local Craftsmanship

Horn crafting is an art. The locals are well versed in the art and they cherish it with utmost respect. This is the reason we make sure that the locals who are aware of the roots of the art and treat it with honour are the ones working on these horns.
The craftsmen make sure the natural product remains unscathed and remains usable. The local craftsman have been working on these horns since ages and hence are well versed in the art of designing. Working to ensure a better life quality for them, we at Horn savvy make sure that the indigenous people’s welfare is maintained and their centuries old art is preserved with the right fervor.

Products Range

Horn Savvy offers a wide range of products made from cow horns, buffalo and deer horns. These horns are used to make drinking horn, blowing horns and horn mugs. The products are superbly finished with polished surfaces.

The authenticity of the product is maintained giving it the perfect modern touch of today!

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