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  • SALE 43% Antique Viking Blowing Horn 27 cm

    Antique Viking Blowing Horn 27 cm

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  • SALE 43% Black Viking Blowing Horn 7.8 inches

    Black Viking Blowing Horn 7.8 inches

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  • SALE 62% Handmade Blowing Horn 15~20 cm

    Handmade Blowing Horn 15~20 cm

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  • SALE 43% Viking Blowing Horn

    Viking Blowing Horn

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  • SALE 43% Vintage Blowing Horn 13.5 inches

    Vintage Blowing Horn 13.5 inches

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Be dangerous, be cool, be Nordic!

If you want to be this deadly combination of cool, dangerous, and savage, there’s no better way than owning Viking blow horns. Are you ready to embark on this journey of collecting the Viking blowing horn mouthpieces?

Let’s start. First things first, you can never have enough of sounding horns if you are a true fan of Norsemen. Thinking of collecting them all? Don’t hesitate because here you can find all the statement pieces.

Now, you might wonder what’s in store for you? Let’s directly take you through browsing, customizing and bulk ordering of Viking blow horns. Here we go!

Exclusive Viking blow horns for sale

No wonder you’re interested in shopping the most exclusive designs of winding horns. To provide you just that and more, Horn Savvy hosts the most antique ones. Come and get them.

With a Viking horn for sale for each and everyone of you, Horn savvy ensures that you get vintage collectibles without going broke. On a budget? Don’t worry, search through the categories. You’ll definitely find few articles that fit your pocket.

What’s the best part of the Viking blowing horns? Despite of emitting that war-like vibe, all these horns are hundred percent cruelty free and safe to use. All in all, no risk, and no guilt for you as you shop till you drop.

About blow horns

Before we delve into the kind of service you’re signing up for, let’s talk about the blowhorns to give you context. Blow horns are not just to quench your thirst for savageness. They reunite you to the wider Viking community.

People often wonder what all that engraving on a Viking blowing horn means. Are you interested in knowing the rich history behind? Presenting to you all answers.

Blowing horns with friends has been the favorite hobby of our Nordic ancestors. The horns with stands have been treasured. Why? They are believed to bring good fortune and victories.

Different sizes

When we say customization, what comes to your mind? No, engraved text is not all. The customization of a blowing horn also comes in terms of its size. This brings us to another question.

Does size matters? Yes, it does! True warriors know that blowing a horn is a completely different experience if tried with different sizes of horns.

To keep your horn blowing experiences top notch at all times, the size may differ, but the quality is never compromised. Get horns and weapons of all shapes and sizes. Horns blow while weapons glow.


Horns blowing may sound like fun and games. But you know what? Initially, these horn bugles were blown to signal war. For the Nordic fans out there, Horn Savvy has got professional designers for bugles, vessels, and accessories.

Do you know what that means? That means you can now blow that horn without any guilt. Looking for authenticity?

All the bugles in stock are hand made to ensure that the design and making is aligned with our ancestors’ bugles in England. You don’t even need to learn how to blow a horn. It runs in your blood.

History of blowing horns

You all hated your history classes, right? But, if you delve into the historical significance behind blowing the horn, you’d be fascinated. From heralding arrivals to signaling danger, there was so much these horns could do.

In the Nordic ages, the war horns for sale were either made out of shells or hollowed cow horns. All Viking Odins and messengers used to carry them wherever they go.

You, my friend, are no less of an Odin. Blowing the horn also had religious backings. You might perceive only warfare after the blowing of the horn. In fact, these were delicate and complex pitch-altering devices. Also, you can explore our amazing drinking horn collection.

Viking wars and battles

Viking horn sounds are symbolic of war and bloodshed. If you are planning a cosplay or reenactment of Viking battle fields, don’t you dare forget to take your Viking horn with runes along. You need to communicate with your fellow warriors, right?

If you have dressed up like a Norse warrior, your look is incomplete without a horned helmet. Do you really belong to the Viking clan? If yes, the horn is your way to alert the Jarls about the invaders.

Later on, the Nordic warriors felt that horned helmets were getting in their way when they were in action. Thus, the helmets were made spiked only. The horns evolved into hand-held accessories. How thoughtful, no?

Making process

Are you fascinated by ancient art forms? Well, making of blowing horns is one of them. These are crafted with love using the horns of rare Scandinavian animals.

The horns are extracted from the animal and then boiled to remove the upper dead layer. This also helps in determining the strength of the horn and ensure that it is used for the right purpose.

Once the horn has been de-scaled, it is then scrubbed and hollowed. Later, on it is polished and shaped for the purpose it is destined for.

Excellent customer support 24/7

You know what’s a great combo? It’s an authentic blowing horn coupled with excellent customer service. To avail this combo, knock our door.

Your satisfaction is our key purpose. We help and guide about each of the different horns so that you can make the right decisions.

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