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Welcome to a heaven full of buffalo horns. Did you came here looking for Mythrojan Viking buffalo horn? If yes, we’ve got that and more in store for you.

For Viking fans coming right out of the Valhalla vineyards, there’s nothing like a wild buffalo horn mug. So, it’s about time that you throw away your mainstream mugs, cups and beakers.

All hail customized buffalo horns. Drooling over these natural beauties already, no? Don’t worry. Horn Savvy presents these to you using genuine buffalo horns, safe-to-eat raisin, and some crafty pairs of hands.

Buffalo horns for sale

Your prayers have been answered and the best buffalo horns are up for sale. Yes, you can now lay your hands on your favorite buffalo horns, antlers, and other Viking drinkware. The variety is endless so stay patient while you scroll through.

Calling out all wildlife fans to come and check out these buffalo horns for sale. Along with finely marbleized and finished buffalo horns, you can avail free worldwide shipping and customized carving.

We handpick them with love and drop them on your doorsteps. Carving crafts, artificial crafts, real Bison horns, water buffalo horns, bear claws and bones are all priceless.

Check out our complete collection. True Norsemen will love ‘em all. The best things about these buffalo horns and buffalo mugs are the shoulder straps that accompany them.

Such convenience is what Viking community needs. If you love reenacting the medieval ages, get browsing through our categories.

About buffalo horns

If you’ve been fantasized by buffalo horns, my friend, you’re not alone. Buffalos are most sought-after animals. Wild beasts use their horns for self-defense but that’s not all.

They’ve got symbolic meanings too! Male buffaloes also use their horns to show their dominance for mating purposes. On the contrary, female buffaloes have narrower and smaller horns.

How cool is that, no? What do you think buffalo horns are all about? They’re not aesthetics only. They’re nutritional doses of protein and good fat.


Want to know what magic we create with buffalo horns before they reach your hands? Let’s enlighten you. So, this is how the preserving process goes. First things first, the buffalo horns are left coated in salt.

This drying up process takes about a week. Sadly, but you got to hold your horses, warrior. Well you might wonder why preserve at all. Actually, prehistoric bison horns and megafauna subfossil are treasured possessions. Horn Savvy lads can’t just let them be.


Is that it? No. To keep the Scandinavian spirt alive, the horns are then buffed and polished to perfection. Since ferrules are decorative affairs, grinding, drilling, and polishing has to go in.

Love the antelopes a bit too much? Put in some effort in sanding and waxing them too. Skull hunters go as far as polishing their favorite pieces with neutral shoe polish. Don’t judge, that’ just to keep the dirt and water away while maintaining a shiny finish.

Uses of horn

Well, if you count uses of buffalo horns on your fingers, you’d soon run out of fingertips. Your ancestors have been using them as medication. Why don’t you try curing your headache and fever with these?

Contemporary research has shown that horns are actually very useful when it comes to detoxing body and strengthening immune system against weather changes. This is truly astonishing!

The list of uses continues. Viking Jarls and Odins continued using horns as hammers for cutting fish and other types of meat. With roots in England, this tool remains popular in the Chinese region. Horns are literally going places!

Free shipping and returns

Sick and tired of complex shipping and returns policies? Dear Horn Savvy lads, you’re finally being rescued. To top up the goodness of our buffalo horns, our e-store processes free shipping and easy returns.

With such a relaxed return policy, you comfortably and shop the buffalo horns of all shapes and sizes. We’ll deliver them at your convenience absolutely free of cost. Later, if you want, we’ll happily accept returns.

Win-win! If you’re not satisfied, we’ll run extra miles until you’re happy. Dear Nordic warriors, shop buffalo horns and wait for us to ring your doorbell. Happy shopping!

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