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Isn’t there something magical about cow horns? Let’s fully discover them and find out why they mean so much to the biodynamic community.

Let’s start!

What do your fingers mean to you? Are they just appendices to your hand? Certainly not. For us, humans, fingers are our natural assets that represent our individuality.

Similarly, horns are to cows what fingers are to humans. A cow horn holds immense symbolic value. That’s not all. These horns are also important part of the cows’ overall health.

For all these reasons and more, cow horns are the most popular of body organs. With fewer and lesser species of cows breeding horns, they are getting rarer. Get yours customized, now!

Raw cow horns collection

Looking for cow horns? Rightly so! They can bring so many functional and spiritual benefits to you. They not only remind you of your connection with the Earth but also about Earth’s magical rejuvenation.

Keeping in light what cow horns mean to the cows and you, we present to you a whole collection of them. Nowadays, a cow horn is a hot cake. Grab yours before the run out.

Also, you shouldn’t be worried about ethical sourcing. As an online retailer, we ensure that our artisan goods come from sustainable resources. And the prices? They are crazy low.

About cow horns

To give you context, cow horns are retail offerings that are sought after by purpose-driven customers. They come from sacred breeds of cow. Remember, a cattle keeper has pre-loved them before they got into your hands.

Initially, you might have perceived cow horns only as by products of slaughterhouses. But mind you, they are so valuable that institutional buyers come looking for them. You’re not alone.

Throughout the medieval ages and even the contemporary ages, species of cows are cross bred to produce different types of horns. That’s where our large collection comes from. If you’ve and artistic streak, make sure to notice the details.

What can you make out of cow horns?

Ordered your favorite cow horns? Wondering what you can do with them? There’s so much you can do. Continue reading to know. If you are into textiles, you know how classy buttons are, if made out of raw cow horns.

Many designers buy cow horns in bulk just for this purpose. So, the next time when you buy a button-down shirt, notice! Due to its rock solid built, cow horns are perfect for making decorative pieces, eyewear frames and other fashionable accessories.

Leading brands and entrepreneurs are amalgamating cow horns in their value chain. If you are an artist, you need them too.

Pro tip: For nature lovers, cow horns are the perfect gifts. They are gifts that represent innocence, vulnerability, and minimalism. For families who find joy in the little things in life, there’s nothing like a biological gift.

Cleaning and polishing process

Before we deliver your favorite cow horns to your doorstep, you should know all the processing we have done on our end. So, de horning isn’t as simple as it sounds.

After giving anesthesia, a veterinarian removes the cow horn through a professional procedure. That’s where it all begins. You think all of them are cleaned and polished the same way?

No, the process depends on the age of the horns. Wax, brass cleaner and a soft rag are your best friends when it comes to cleaning the horns and getting rid of the dullness.

After cleaning and shaping the horn, it is time to polish it. After checking that all marrow, blood and cells are wiped off, abrasives are used to give a glossy finish. Viola, cow horn is ready to be shopped.

Customer satisfaction

Just like we preserve antler objects with care, we deal with customers with care as well. What’s in store for you? Premium quality cow horns are not all you get.

You are also signing up for utmost satisfaction. With our huge horn collection of viking drinking horns, blowing horns, etc, You will literally sip satisfaction and satisfaction alone while drinking from our cow horns. It’s a promise.

Free shipping, care handling, customized buffing and luxurious packaging are all part of our ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ policy. You can now buy long cow horns with zero stress. Happy shopping!

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