Ram and Goat Horn

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Real Goat and Ram Horns for Sale

When we say real, we mean it! We procure the horns from real animal slaughter-houses as we believe that nothing should go to waste. The horns belong to animals who are being slaughtered for the meat industry.

The horns that we use for decorative purposes are all acquired from healthy and fit animals. We make sure that the horns do not belong to any endangered species and the animal is physically well.

For us our consumer safety and ethical standing comes first and therefore we make sure that the whole process is above par.

About Ram Horns

Ram Horns are extracted from healthy rams. The ram horns are unprocessed when extracted and later on with proper procedure the horn is cleaned, sterilised and made proper for further procedures.

The ram horns are perfect for ornament for homes as well as headbands and clips. You also have the option to purchase plain horns which you can set on your consoles or showcase to portray your taste.


Once the animal is slaughtered, the horn is separated. When we work on the ram horn we make sure to acquire the fresh ones. This helps in ensuring that there is no foul smell coming from the horn.

If the horn is not fresh then there is a lot of chance that the smell lingers.
The horn is then boiled and the stem from the horn removed. The boiling time depends on the maturity of the horn. The thicker the horn the longer it needs to be boiled for stem removal.


Crafting is totally dependent on the thickness of the horn and the purpose it is to be used for. Then after the determination of the length of the horn, it is divided into different pieces or kept intact as per the requirement.

If the horn is to be pressed to take a certain shape then a certain amount of heat is provided, for a mature Ram horn it’s usually 1600F. The amount of the heat is dependent on the thickness of the horn.


A wooden rasp is usually used for sanding. It is advisable to start with 100 grains to finally move up to 220 grains. The horn is made free of any kind of scratch or unfinished look.

Then silpol or brasso is usually used to give the complete finished look to ram horn. The final touch is given with a machine with a cloth disc. It smoothes the edges and ensures that the horn is fit for use.

What do ram horns symbolize

Ram horns symbolise power and strength. It can be quite interesting to see that it also symbolizes creativity. Combining the two, we see that in the Christian, Hindu and Jewish culture, it is a symbol of achieving power through creative thinking.

It is said to inspire the right amount of energy that is required to achieve the greater things. If we delve into the mythology we can see that a Ram’s horn also showcases procreative forces which represent masculinity and fertility.

It bodes well both mythologically and symbolically and hence a must-have if you have that collector instinct in you. Considering religious implications, Ram horns are used for blowing the Shofar.

An instrument like a trumpet that is blown after Yom Kippur. The Shofar can vary in size and shape. It does not have holes or additional tubes attached, so the sound can not be altered. It all depends on the vocals of the person blowing the horn.

Curved goat horns – a collector’s dream

Goat’s probably are one of the most simple and innocent animals found roaming the earth.They have an essence of vitality, strength in purest form and this is why they are worthy.

Goats have their horns by birth, it consists of soft tissues with nerves that harden with time and gain strength. The horns symbolise power and goat horn’s stand for new opportunities.

So it’s time to get those goat horns and hang it as an ornament in your home to bring good luck. A goat’s horn emanates balance, peace and respect. So it’s time to induce those positive vibes with goat horns from Horn Savvy.

Why should you trust us?

Our motto is to ensure that you can connect with nature at the most truest of levels. This is why we bring to you these horns procured keeping in mind the laws of nature and being true to the animal spirit.

We provide crafted, finished horns that can be used as adornments, blowing horns, mugs, massagers and for drinking.

But we also sell polished horns too, you can jazz it up as per your own choice allowing your creativity to get the full swing. We also believe in customer satisfaction and hence provide quality and assurance on all your purchases.

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