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Viking Blowing Horn

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Viking Blowing Horn

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Item Description 

  • Sound Your Horn For Battle!
  • Size: Approx.18″ length
  • This oxhorn blowing horn with brass accessories details.
  • This handmade Oxhorn blowing horn has been crafted in the time honoured style that dates back to Viking days. Traditionally used more for signalling than for music, horns have been used as sounding cries by many ancient societies as a means of spreading messages, summoning people to meetings or festivals or to warn people of your approach.
  • The bugle, a modern day descendant of the blowing horn, is used to call out orders in military camps or even scout camps,whilst as hunting horn it is used to flush out game.
  • Blowing a viking horn is a simple process of using the instrument’s natural shape to create a unique booming sound and is similar to blowing air through a trumpet.
  • As this item is handmade, so each one will be unique in difference in shape.


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